Patterson's Pub

Yeap that's Tony in his 1968 Triumph 250 for the sunny days only

Tony on 4th of July on Penny Farthing-01
Tony on 4th of July on Penny Farthing-02
Tony on 4th of July on Penny Farthing-03
Tony has ridden his Penny Farthing in the Mendocino 4th of July Parade for 40 years.
Please Note: the telephone/power poles in the background. They are no more and have been removed.
sean left
tony and maryanne
sean right
The Graham Family "Another Lifetime Ago" circa 1980's
View of lansing street
View of Lansing Street, Mendocino, California from a passing drone
Pattersons in Windsor
Patterson's Pub in downtown Windsor, California
National Guard 1968
Tony doing his duty in the National Guard 1968
Irish Hearld Heading
Irish Hearld Image
The Irish Hearld Heading and front piece
Mendocino Home
Mendocino Home