Anthony E. Graham
Patterson's Pub

A few Adventures and Activities during our Attempted Retirement

Castle Entrance
perhaps it is a pub
Irish Castle Grand Entrance
Could this perhaps be an Irish Pub?
inside a castle
waiting for my guniness
scenic Ireland
Grand Irish inside
Waiting for my Guniness
Scenic Ireland
Irish castle
Irish taxi
Now this is an Irish Castle
An Irish Country taxi
glacier bay alaska
glacier bay alaska
Glacier Bay Alaska
Falcon Hunting in Ireland
Glacier Bay Alaska
cuban fortune teller
tony and steve kerr
maryann in Chile
Cuban Fortune Teller
Tony and Steve Kerr
Good Morning from Chile
local with his rooster
touring in style
cuban flower lady
Local Cuban and his Rooster
Touring Cuba in Style
Cuban Flower Lady
edsel taxi
green door
smoking the good ones only
Yeap! That's an Edsel Taxi
Behind The Green Door
Smokin' The Good One Only
Mercury Convertible
three awesome oldies
Cuban Taxi Late 40's Mercury Convertible
Some More Cuban Special Attractions
local suban fisherman
open oldie
Local Cuban Fisherman Catching Dinner
Another Amazing Cuban Treasure
something special in Brazil
blessing in Brazil
Something special in Brazil
Blessings of Brazil
Getting wet in Brazil
Having a cool one in Croatia
Enjoying a cool day in Chili
A mountain climbing break in Bhutan
Warming up in Greece
Patagonia directions
Patagonia having a cool one
Patagonia directions
Patagonia ice with greenery
Patagonia our boat
Patagonia ice with greenery
Patagonia no swimming here
Getting on the boat
Getting off the boat to walk on solid ground
tony on the boat
Directional sign
Patagonia scene
Yeap that waters cold!
How to get around
Patagonia scene

India collection
Bhutan Montage Collection
Cruising the Caribbean on the 1931 Sea Cloud
That's Tony Cruising the Caribbean on the 1931 Sea Cloud watching Mary Anne swimming